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Please note: WInnComm Europe 2019 is being held concurrently with WInnForum Technical Exchange Meetings (TEMS); you must register for both if you plan to attend both. As the Summit is Wednesday and Thursday, IF you are attending the TEMs and Transceiver workshop on Monday and Tuesday, additional registration for those days is required.  The TEM schedule and registration information is available to members here. If you are not a member and are interested in attending the TEMs as an observer, please contact Stephanie Hamill.

TEM (Monday and Tuesday) only prices, agenda and registration can be found here.


Prices after Monday, 15 April

WInnComm only:

  • Member- 2 Day (Wed-Thurs)  Commercial: 800 EUR
  • Member- 2 Day (Wed-Thurs)  Government/Non-Profit: 425 EUR
  • Non-Member- 2 Day (Wed-Thurs)  Commercial: 1,000 EUR
  • Non-Member- 2 Day (Wed-Thurs)  Government/Non-Profit: 550 EUR


WInnComm + TEMs:

  • Member- 4 Day (Mon-Thurs) Commercial: 1,100 EUR
  • Member- 4 Day (Mon-Thurs) Government/Non-Profit: 575 EUR
  • Non Member- (Mon-Thurs) 4 Day Commercial: 1,425 EUR
  • Non-Member- 4 Day (Mon-Thurs)  Government/Non-Profit: 975 EUR     

Registration Links:

If you are only registering for 
WInnComm Europe 
(Wednesday and Thursday)
use this link.

If you are registering for the
TEMs AND WInnComm Europe
use this link.

If you are ONLY registering
for the 
(Monday and Tuesday)

use this link.

Email Stephanie Hamill.



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