Laurent Belmon

Laurent Belmon

Title of Talk
WOLF Project

The objective of the WOLF project is to define a concept of a harmonised tactical wireless communication system for the dismounted soldier, suitable for EU forces engaged in military operations in urban terrain.

A reliable, secure and robust communication solution should be provided to the lowest echelons in order to increase soldier survivability and mission success.

The WOLF concept approach aimed at anticipating future communication needs, by analysing the end user requirements, identifying and tailoring the actual technologies that can be used for the specification of the future system. Consistently with the objectives of the project, the advanced radio communication system that will aid the deployment and survivability of forces in an urban environment should primarily improve robust communication and situation awareness.

Laurent Belmon received his Ph.D. degree in Electronics from the University Paris-XI in 1997. His work focused on scientific data compression for dealing with deep-space missions telemetry issues. Then he was a research engineer in the Space Research Department of the Paris Observatory, for 3 years. He was involved in low-frequency receivers design for spacecraft (CASSINI-Huygens mission to Saturn, launched in 1997). In 2001 he joined the Signal Processing and Multimedia Department of Thales Communications. His main research interests are multi-processing for realtime systems, signal processing for airborne landing and identification systems, antenna processing applied to electronic warfare and cognitive radio. From 2004 to 2007 he was involved in civil crisis management research, focusing on GSM goniometry technology applied to people rescuing. In 2006 he was technical responsible for PASR MARIUS project for crisis management. Since 2008 he is coordinating the EDA-funded WOLF project, on tactical communication.